Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scientific Responses to Claims of the Great Flood of Noah Being Real

     This is the first in a set of three videos intended to help present to those who cling to the myth of Noah's Ark and the Great Flood (also known as the Deluge) that such a myth is precisely just that...a myth. Pay close attention to the measurements presented and the requirements necessary to accommodate such.

     This is the second video of a three part series that does a very good job in presenting the excellence of the scientific evidence that the worldwide flood that is mentioned in the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible did NOT occur. This is not to say that there have not been many, many big and massive floods. However, there has never been a flood of such magnitude that the ENTIRE earth was covered with so much water that even the highest peak (Mount Everest) was covered in excess of nearly 20 feet of water.

     This is the third and final video that is intended to present to believers of the flood myth and non-believers alike that the massive and completely worldwide flood described in the Bible's first book of Genesis is not a valid and truthful story, but rather is nothing more than a folktale that made the rounds of various cultures and remains with us today.

     This is a very good video where science once again presents the evidence for the much saner and logical understanding that the great flood of Noah never happened as presented by individuals anxious to prove the absurd stories and anecdotes and myths of religion.

     This is an excellent presentation of how the various arguments that exist between Creationism and Evolution should be approached, separated into categories, and addressed. People delirious to prove the story of Noah and worldwide flood do not seem to understand that there are specific rules that the universe in which we live must follow. The stories presented in the Holy Bible are most certainly NOT immune from having to comply with the laws of the universe inasmuch as energy, physics, time, space and all things related are concerned.

     It is entirely frightening that more than 60% of Americans believe that the story of the flood in the Bible is a true story. Think of all of the things that many people tell each other and their children to not believe or give credence to. Stories of magic and wizardry and witches and warlocks immediately come to mind. Now, such people are so quick to dismiss ideas of magic as not only absurd but evil and impossible. At which junction though do these people decide that the story of Noah's Ark and just about ANY of the deluded stories in the Bible are real and worthy of any type of attention or validation?

     The way that many of the preachers in the world who are eager to back the lunacy of the Bible describe the stupid stories within that very same Bible you would think that whatever evidence is present is so mind boggling and to some extent incomprehensible that that in and of itself is all the proof that is needed to prove the truth of the Bible and the ridiculous story of Noah's Ark. Listen to the geologic evidence that is presented and explained here.

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