Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scientific Responses to Claims of the Great Flood of Noah Being Real

     This is the first in a set of three videos intended to help present to those who cling to the myth of Noah's Ark and the Great Flood (also known as the Deluge) that such a myth is precisely just that...a myth. Pay close attention to the measurements presented and the requirements necessary to accommodate such.

     This is the second video of a three part series that does a very good job in presenting the excellence of the scientific evidence that the worldwide flood that is mentioned in the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible did NOT occur. This is not to say that there have not been many, many big and massive floods. However, there has never been a flood of such magnitude that the ENTIRE earth was covered with so much water that even the highest peak (Mount Everest) was covered in excess of nearly 20 feet of water.

     This is the third and final video that is intended to present to believers of the flood myth and non-believers alike that the massive and completely worldwide flood described in the Bible's first book of Genesis is not a valid and truthful story, but rather is nothing more than a folktale that made the rounds of various cultures and remains with us today.

     This is a very good video where science once again presents the evidence for the much saner and logical understanding that the great flood of Noah never happened as presented by individuals anxious to prove the absurd stories and anecdotes and myths of religion.

     This is an excellent presentation of how the various arguments that exist between Creationism and Evolution should be approached, separated into categories, and addressed. People delirious to prove the story of Noah and worldwide flood do not seem to understand that there are specific rules that the universe in which we live must follow. The stories presented in the Holy Bible are most certainly NOT immune from having to comply with the laws of the universe inasmuch as energy, physics, time, space and all things related are concerned.

     It is entirely frightening that more than 60% of Americans believe that the story of the flood in the Bible is a true story. Think of all of the things that many people tell each other and their children to not believe or give credence to. Stories of magic and wizardry and witches and warlocks immediately come to mind. Now, such people are so quick to dismiss ideas of magic as not only absurd but evil and impossible. At which junction though do these people decide that the story of Noah's Ark and just about ANY of the deluded stories in the Bible are real and worthy of any type of attention or validation?

     The way that many of the preachers in the world who are eager to back the lunacy of the Bible describe the stupid stories within that very same Bible you would think that whatever evidence is present is so mind boggling and to some extent incomprehensible that that in and of itself is all the proof that is needed to prove the truth of the Bible and the ridiculous story of Noah's Ark. Listen to the geologic evidence that is presented and explained here.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Proof of the Flood and Noah's ark?

Say WHAT?!

Watching and reading how various groups and individuals and studies have tried very hard to prove the existence of the ark and flood is some damn fine entertainment.

Listen to what this guy says because it is too funny. The Quran is right and the Bible is wrong. Bitch, BOTH books are wrong. And this guy's naming of his message as a 'miracle of Islam' is a delicious laugh. The only miracle of Islam, much like every other violent religion (including Christianity), is that human beings are still alive and breathing despite many horrible acts of war and death as opposing faiths attempt to prove to each other that one's invisible friend is better than the other's.
I suppose the dramatic music in this clip is intended to instill a sense of authenticity as to the claim of the ark being found.

Okay, so it is proposed here that there is indeed evidence of a great flood having occurred on this planet. Really? Like we didn't already know this. Any person with half a brain would know that there have in fact been a great many major floods on this planet and there is plenty of geologic evidence as to this fact. But, the evidence that there have indeed been many great floods is NOT evidence for the flood of Noah when the water was so high OVER THE ENTIRE PLANET that it even covered the highest peak (Mount Everest) by  more than just a few feet.

I think it is hilarious that the title of this clip includes the words "Proof of the Supernatural." There is nothing supernatural about finding a bunch of old shit buried in an ice pack or glacier. Scientists do that of stuff all the time, finding old stuff buried in ice, that is. There is something there, sure. Whether or not people put it there out of a desire to validate their faith delusions is not even a question. The question is why do they think it is the ark of Noah? Because it is old and buried near or on a mountain mentioned in the Bible? Look at the dimensions of what was 'discovered' and try to work it out in your mind how even one tenth of the species of animals on this planet could fit onto something so small. There is no problem in wanting to continue mythology within culture as it is good to remember our roots, traditions and growth as human beings. It is also great for interesting entertainment. But there is a problem with pursuing (and quite persistently at that) mythology as truth as nothing could be further from the truth. That is why it is called mythology.

So, some folks say they are 99% sure they have found Noah's Ark. What a bunch of horseshit. Christians will go for less than 100% sure on whether or not they have found Noah's Ark but they won't go for less than 100% when science presents sound theories as to how the universe and everything it in was formed. That is not balanced thinking, but rather is another example of religion and its proponents using the numbers only when they feel it is in their favor to do so. Also, by saying they are 99% sure and not 100% sure they give themselves a little wiggle room for error.

Ah, yet another video sporting an array of photos backed by dramatic music intended to be evidence for Noah's Ark. Don't even try telling them it is natural geologic formations as you will be wasting your breath.

Not one person with a general knowledge of geology will ever try to assert there have not been great floods on this planet. However, they will not assert that there has ever been one massive flood where absolutely ALL land on the planet was at the same time completely covered by water that covered the highest peak (Mount Everest as over 29,000 feet). There is not even enough water on the planet for such an event to occur. Of course, this is where Christians whip out their little book of mysteries and wave a wand.

Listen to the answer that is given to this kid as he inquires about Noah's flood. The answers are condescending and in themselves really don't answer a goddamn thing. And the guy's opinion of how the mountains were formed and how long it took them to form is equally fucked.

I like that the cartoon animals in this clip are actually helping Noah to build the ark.

Oh yes. LOTS of folks have claimed to have found or discovered the ark. Such claims are nothing new at all.'s_Ark

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Problems with the Story of Noah's Ark

Read Ester Lighthorse's newest book today!!

Whoever Wrote this Ridiculous Bible Story Did Not Think it All Through, Did They?

This video does not offer any sound or snazzy pictures, but the arguments presented are quite fetching nonetheless.

The next two videos take the time to go point-by-point as to why there is no evidence for the existence of Noah and his animals on the floating asylum.

This is the sequel to the previous video.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and those who hold Bible myths to be true are no strangers to such an approach. History, worship, culture, religion and logic are all slaughtered as Christians work hard to validate their belief in the invisible. It's like Metallica says: Sad but true.

This video is a very good example of why, when I was about 14 years-old, I decided that what I was being taught in relation to man and religion was nowhere near what it was cracked up to be. Every verse and every supposed miracle was consistently transformed into spiritual proof of whatever jacked-up ideals were being crammed down my throat. If whatever was being claimed (like Noah's ark) did not fit or was altogether ludicrus the pastors would ALWAYS go back over what they had been reading and claiming, reworking and rearranging the words and meanings. Not one chance was ever passed up if it meant that believers had even the most remote of chances to validate completely illogical claims.

This guy is pretty good. He presents  the ideas and assertions of those who claim the creation myth in the Bible are true. Then he reiterates the idea(s) set forth. Then he offers clear and concise reasoning that such asserted claims are not the truth, have never been the truth, and never will be the truth.

This is excellent! I think the manner in which the creators of this film in particular chose to show how many within Christianity stretch tidbits of misinterpreted information to fit whatever purpose is needed is QUITE ACCURATE. You can never get any person who is irreparably blinded by Bible myth and lore to listen to anything, and that 'anything' includes logic. All that will happen is believers will search high and low for another way to misconstrue and misinterpret information in an effort to reshape their so-called faith into something that is supposed to encompass truth.

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