Sunday, May 12, 2013

Problems with the Story of Noah's Ark

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Whoever Wrote this Ridiculous Bible Story Did Not Think it All Through, Did They?

This video does not offer any sound or snazzy pictures, but the arguments presented are quite fetching nonetheless.

The next two videos take the time to go point-by-point as to why there is no evidence for the existence of Noah and his animals on the floating asylum.

This is the sequel to the previous video.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and those who hold Bible myths to be true are no strangers to such an approach. History, worship, culture, religion and logic are all slaughtered as Christians work hard to validate their belief in the invisible. It's like Metallica says: Sad but true.

This video is a very good example of why, when I was about 14 years-old, I decided that what I was being taught in relation to man and religion was nowhere near what it was cracked up to be. Every verse and every supposed miracle was consistently transformed into spiritual proof of whatever jacked-up ideals were being crammed down my throat. If whatever was being claimed (like Noah's ark) did not fit or was altogether ludicrus the pastors would ALWAYS go back over what they had been reading and claiming, reworking and rearranging the words and meanings. Not one chance was ever passed up if it meant that believers had even the most remote of chances to validate completely illogical claims.

This guy is pretty good. He presents  the ideas and assertions of those who claim the creation myth in the Bible are true. Then he reiterates the idea(s) set forth. Then he offers clear and concise reasoning that such asserted claims are not the truth, have never been the truth, and never will be the truth.

This is excellent! I think the manner in which the creators of this film in particular chose to show how many within Christianity stretch tidbits of misinterpreted information to fit whatever purpose is needed is QUITE ACCURATE. You can never get any person who is irreparably blinded by Bible myth and lore to listen to anything, and that 'anything' includes logic. All that will happen is believers will search high and low for another way to misconstrue and misinterpret information in an effort to reshape their so-called faith into something that is supposed to encompass truth.

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